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As Needed Services

Ever ready at your disposal


KLEYTMAN PACIFIC understands that each project has a unique and often immediate need. This is why we offer on call construction support to the owners and contractors in the following areas:


1. Project Launch - organize project engineers, project information flow, establish rapport with project stakeholders

2. Complete Pre-construction - scheduling, estimating, define scopes of work, "shopping" for proposals from solid Bay Area subcontractors, bid and buy out of scope of work, drafting subcontracts

3. Sophisticated MEP Coordination - of integrated building systems (MEPFs, BMS, Life Safety, Security, Elevators, Emergency Power, project unique systems, etc.) on OSHPD, complex lab, high security projects

4. BIM Management - collision clearing is not a "black box", we do not stop when reach "0" solid modeling clashes, the model should be buildable - don't model fiber optic cable as a simple solid pipe

5. Integrated Commissioning Management - in concert with the project schedule, back-schedule start ups to show your superintendent where MEP systems completion should be to hit the project milestones - put "heat load" in the building and complete insulation of the chilled water piping to start up a chiller

6. Project Relations "Repair" - Yes, we do "hold hands" if needed. The risks related to organizational relationships are real. Uncertainties cannot be eliminated only by appropriate contract terms. While an accurate contract is imperative, the true key to project success is people. This is where KLEYTMAN team makes a difference by making our overall objective a cooperation, sincere rapport on all levels to give maximum benefit for the entire enterprise

7. Clear a backlog of projects issues - to keep your field team focused on the on-going project (negotiate and settle "difficult" or "old" change orders, resolve "no-answer" RFI responses, complete rejected submittals, etc.)

8. Permit expediting - DBI, OSHPD, DSA, SFPUC, PG&E services connection

9. Specifications writing - we can write or peer review for all trades coordinated document prior to bid. This simple step saves a lot of money on changes.


We stand ready to deliver prompt, accurate results. Consistently better.

© 2015 by Kleytman Pacific, LLC

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