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Client Engagement 
1. Meet with Client and understand Client's business case and expectations for the Project
2. Develop design criteria, based on Client's needs and requirements
3. Advise Client on how post-award variations in Project requirements might affect the delivery
4. Prepare conceptual estimate and reconcile it with the allocated budget
​​​5. Overall market analysis for optimal timing to launch the project.
6. Liaise with Planning Department and Department of Building Inspections, SF PUC, Bay Area Air Quality District and PG&E to ensure the permit process stays within overall project schedule with construction and temporary and final occupancy permits.
Consultant Engagement 
1. Create RFP’s for consultant and sub-consultant selection and negotiate the scope and business terms of the agreement 
2. Work with the design team to achieve timely completion of coordinated documents meeting the respective design milestone parameters for each stage of the design
3. Review Construction Documents (“CDs”) for completeness, compliance with design milestone requirements, and constructability assumptions 
4. Assist in the entitlement process and securing necessary permits from Authorities Having Jurisdiction
5. Prepare own and evaluate Contractor, Subcontractor and third party construction cost
6. Assist in tracking LEED certification requirements. 
Builder Engagement 
1. Evaluate and manage procurement of long lead items in accordance with the Contractor's schedule
2. Review Contractor's site logistics and overall construction planning in regard to cost, schedule, regulatory, and safety factors, facility operations in order to identify and mitigate adverse impacts
3. Develop "no gap" scopes of work for all CSI divisions
4. Project procurement
5. Draft, negotiate and settle contract terms
6. Work closely with the legal team on Contractor's agreements. 

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